Key Product Areas

Seapine products help bridge the gap between engineering disciplines by providing a collaborative and integrated framework for better decision-making. Designed to make no assumptions and adapt to your vernacular and your preferred processes, Seapine products will help your teams streamline and establish better control with your R&D assets—all in a secure, traceable, and compliant way.

Design & Risk Control

Most life science organizations start assessing risk during the earliest concept and feasibility phases of product development. Often, teams begin managing their risk assets in Microsoft Word and Excel, which can quickly get out of control. Once an organization moves from the feasibility phase to design control, they will need tools stronger than Microsoft Office, because requirements decomposition and a strong traceability strategy are both needed to move forward.

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Requirements Management

To successfully manage design inputs and outputs, you need a modern requirements management tool that includes bi-directional traceability and support for compliance goals. Document-centric or QMS tools may appear to meet your requirements management needs, but they generally lack traceability and will fall short if they are not integrated into daily development activities. Managing requirements at the individual requirement level, instead of within a document, also allows you to easily collaborate—simultaneously capturing requirements, performing reviews, knowing what is approved, and most importantly, being aware of changes

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Manually managing a spreadsheet, while manually keeping items up-to-date in a trace matrix, should both be a thing of the past. Beyond the required compliance and regulatory advantages, integrated traceability can provide you with greater visibility for better decision-making.

You know more about the different types of relationships you need between assets, such as requirements, test cases, and defects. Unlike some other products, Seapine products do not limit the types of relationships you can create. This unique capability provides much better context and reporting, as well as stronger analysis.

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Test Planning & Management

Test planning, protocol creation, and test execution are required to bring a compliant and quality product to market. The issue most life science organizations face during this verification and validation process is organizing and ensuring proper test coverage. With spreadsheets or disconnected systems, this can be a daunting task without much reuse, automation, or ability to capture strong objective evidence, not to mention tracing these testing assets.

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Issue & Task Management

Product development organizations must manage and mitigate a range of issues—whether you call them deviations, issues, bugs, defects, anomalies, or development tasks. Instead of email, spreadsheets, or homegrown applications, organizations rely on Seapine to easily route, prioritize, complete, and estimate work.

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Version Control

Versioning of core development assets, which is required by most government and regulatory agencies, assures that assets are controlled with strong security, appropriate approvals, and the ability to go back in time. In addition, versioning helps protect your intellectual property, clinical data, and other important assets.

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Seapine for Life Sciences

Leading medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical research organizations rely on Seapine to streamline their core development processes, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge.